Checking in on Baby Bo

So, big day today.  I survived my 12 week OB appointment and had a surprise NT scan!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty nervous for my appointment.  D had to work so I asked my mom to come with me.  After what we’ve been through in the past, it feels much better having another person there with me.

Dr. P works at a teaching hospital, so a student doctor met with me first.  She was really sweet and did all the background and initial questions.  After the paperwork stuff was out of the way, she had me hop up on the table to feel my uterus.  After that, she pulled out the Doppler to check for the heartbeat.  I’m pretty sure my own heart stopped beating as I was waiting for her to find it.  Luckily, it didn’t take long before that beautiful sound filled the room at 166 bpm!

After checking my blood pressure and weight, Dr. P came in to see me.  I told him that I was having some more vaginal and bum itching (yep, gross) kind of similar to earlier in my pregnancy when I was diagnosed with a yeast infection.  He took a quick look and said he doesn’t think it’s yeast, but rather a skin irritation.  He said it’s nothing serious and prescribed a hydrocortisone cream that is safe for use in pregnancy.  I should feel relief in 48 hours.  Thank goodness!

Dr. P said he knows that these will be a tough couple of weeks for me to get through, given what happened last time, so instead of waiting four weeks for next appointment, he would see me in two.  I feel so lucky to have such a kind and compassionate doctor!  Unfortunately, for scheduling reasons, the appointment ends up being in three weeks instead of two.  Oh well, better than waiting four weeks!

After that, we talked about the NT scan and we both agreed that I would move forward with it.  Apparently, there were a lot of cancellations in the ultrasound department for the Women and Babies program today, so they were able to squeeze me in.  It was a bit disappointing that D wasn’t with me, but at least he had seen the baby during the ultrasound in the ER a few weeks ago.

My mom, on the other hand, was absolutely thrilled to be there.  I asked her to come in the ultrasound room with me so she could see.  The tech we had was really great and talked us through the whole thing.  After hearing my history, he was quick to point out where he thinks they saw the subchorionic bleed and said he wasn’t concerned about it at all.  He took all the important measurements and gave me a pic of our little Bo.

After the ultrasound, I was sent off for the bloodwork.  I’ll have to wait for the official results, but all the measurements from the scan fall within the normal range, which is definitely a relief.

In other news, my sister is having her NT scan right now, as I type this.  I still find it kind of crazy that we’re going through all this at almost the exact same time.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty exhausted now after a long morning at the hospital, but I’m definitely feeling relieved for now.  Getting through these next couple of weeks will be emotionally challenging but I’m hoping I can ride on this good news for a while.



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