Extreme fatigue and other people’s babies

Over the past couple of weeks, the pregnancy fatigue has kicked into high gear.  I’m not just tired, but downright exhausted.  By shortly after lunch each day, I start yawning those massive yawns that cause huge tears to spring to my eyes.  I drag my body home after work and attempt to feed my family dinner, usually ending up on the couch before the end of the meal.  I go to bed by 8:00 p.m. whenever I possibly can and, even then, I find getting up in the morning to be excruciating.

I vaguely recall feeling like this with Littleman’s pregnancy.  I remember being in bed when it was still light out and hearing the neighbourhood kids playing outside.  I guess the difference was I didn’t have an active toddler to keep up with at the time.

Thankfully, this weekend I had the chance to get some rest.  My parents were amazingly helpful and took Littleman on some errands on Saturday morning (a visit to the farmers market and a stop at the tractor dealership!), leaving me alone at the farm to “take it easy.”  It was amazing.  I lay on the couch for a while, then dragged myself into the shower.  After getting dressed, I made myself comfortable on a different couch and read my book until they returned.  After lunch, I put Littleman down for his nap and then crawled into bed for my own two-hour nap.  Dreamy!

In other news, I survived my first birth announcement since my miscarriage in March.  A friend of mine had a baby boy on Friday.  I knew the announcement would be coming at any point and worried about how sad I would feel, knowing that my original due date would be approaching.  We had been excited about our babies being close in age and being on maternity leave together. 

Surprisingly, hearing the news  wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I’m very happy for her.  Of course, I couldn’t help thinking about the little one we lost, but knowing that Bo is hanging in there and continuing to grow helped me feel better.  There are a few more babies expected to arrive over the next month or so, which means I was going to have to face this sooner or later.  I’m sure that actually seeing the babies in person may be a bit tougher, but I’m feeling stronger these days and I know I can handle it now.  As long as I can stay awake!

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