7 weeks

The weeks are chugging along slowly, but at least this was a good one with my successful ultrasound on Monday.  At 7 weeks, not much has changed in the way of symptoms from last week.  While I definitely feel more symptoms than I did with my last pregnancy, I certainly don’t feel as bad as I did with Littleman.  I have to wonder though, is it because I actually don’t feel as bad or are my coping skills better now?  For example, after living through the sleep deprivation of the first year of motherhood, is the fatigue of early pregnancy easier to tolerate?   Perhaps.  Anyway, on to the symptoms…

Nausea: Minor nausea off and on.  It doesn’t seem to start at any particular time of day.  And, I’ll go a few days feeling pretty much fine and then I’ll have a blah day.  With Littleman’s pregnancy the nausea hit after lunch every day and stuck around until bedtime.  Now, it’s just random nausea that seems worse when I’m hungry.

Vomiting: None to date.

Food cravings or aversions: Nothing in particular.

Aches and Pains: Still having some breast tenderness.  Scratch that.  It’s more like full out boob pain.  If Littleman accidentally elbows me while he’s sitting on my lap, I want to scream.  Sometimes I even get random shooting pains that feel like my nipple is being electrocuted.

Fatigue: Yep, I’m tired.  Not as bad as I remember from Littleman’s pregnancy, though.

Other:  My skin is still not great.  I’m continuing to get random zits on my chin.  And today I’m being bothered by smells.  I feel like I’m being assaulted by odours from every directions.


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