6 weeks: tracking symptoms

Today is the 6-week mark and I’ve decided to start a weekly log of my pregnancy symptoms.  I wish I had tracked my symptoms with my first pregnancy because a lot of it is a blur to me now.  My second pregnancy was recent enough to remember and I was virtually symptom-free.

So, here we go with my symptoms at 6 weeks…

Nausea: I haven’t had much to date, although I’ve felt a little bit “off” the last couple of evenings.  Whenever I start to get hungry, I feel nauseous pretty quickly, but eating seems to fix that problem. Today, for the first time, I had some mid-morning nausea, which didn’t subside after eating a giant homemade chocolate chip cookie or my trusty baggie of dry cereal.  And my lunch didn’t get rid of it either.  Perhaps the full-time nausea is finally setting in.  Hmm.

Vomiting: None to date.

Food cravings or aversions: None to date.  Although I’m supposed to be going out for lunch with a friend tomorrow and I can’t stop thinking about the deep-fried pickles that they make at the restaurant we’re going to…

Aches and Pains: For the past couple of days, I’ve been experiencing some lower back pain.  Last night (5w6d) it was quite uncomfortable.  The dull ache started in my lower back and hips, then radiated into my thighs.  Lying down helped and I felt fine once I went to bed.  Pain was gone in the morning.

Fatigue: I’m definitely starting to feel more tired, especially by the end of the work day.  I’m finding it harder to keep up with Littleman.  He never wants me to sit in one place… I always have to move around with him.

Breasts: Sore and covered with blue veins.  They’re starting to seem fuller, although certainly not massive.

Other: I’m having a particularly bad skin breakout this week.  Mostly on my chin and around my nose.  Ew.


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