Happy Canada Day!

We’ve been enjoying our Canada Day long weekend at the farm. Our new pool is pretty much done, although the weather hasn’t been as hot as it was during the week, so swimming has been a bit chilly. Doesn’t stop us from going in, though!

I’ve definitely noticed an increase in the fatigue this weekend, which I’m hoping is a pregnancy symptom, rather than just general tiredness. My boobs have also been quite sore (not just “tender”) and I’ve had the odd wave of nausea – mainly when I’m hungry. I know this sounds a bit crazy to anyone who is suffering from morning sickness, but I kind of wish I would start barfing my brains out. I had lots of nausea with Littleman’s pregnancy, but absolutely nothing last time. More on that another day…

Anyway, to all those Canadians out there, Happy Canada Day!!



One thought on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. To you as well!

    That looks like a lovely place to spend a long weekend. Glad you had a good time.

    I always wanted to be puking as well. Until I started puking. Then I just wished I was dead… lol. Enjoy it now. You could start puking ANY TIME.

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