5 weeks and introducing Bo

I’m 5 weeks pregnant today.  As I looked at the calendar this morning, I realized that each new pregnancy week will start on a Wednesday – the same day as my last pregnancy.  That means I would have been 28 weeks today if I hadn’t miscarried in March.  I still miss that baby every day.  Being pregnant again certainly helps me feel a bit less sad than before, but a day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t thought about what happened.

On a more positive note, my treatments seem to be working and my lady parts are feeling much, much better!  A couple more days of medication and then, hopefully, I will be completely infection-free!

At 5 weeks, I’m still not experiencing much in the way of symptoms.  My boobs are a bit tender and veiny, but not full-on sore or huge.  I’ve had some minor nausea the last couple of evenings, but nothing to write home about.  I’m pretty tired, but that could be the result of parenting an active two-year-old, rather than pregnancy-induced fatigue.

The other night D asked me what we were going to call this baby.  He wasn’t asking what the baby’s name would eventually be, but what we would be calling the baby during its gestation.  For my past two pregnancies, we’ve nicknamed our little embryos right from the beginning. 

Littleman was called “Tadpole”.  I think that was due to one of the first descriptions we read about what our “baby” looked like at the time.  Looking back, it was kind of a gross name, but, nevertheless, we called him that right up until the moment he was born.

We named our second baby “Poppy” (as in poppy seed) because that was size of the baby at the time we found out we were expecting.  That name only lasted a short while because Littleman mis-heard us one day and said “Puppet?”  From that moment on, up until our loss, that baby was “Puppet.”

So, what’s this baby’s name?  This little one – our rainbow – is called “Bo.” 

Does everyone else nickname their offspring while they’re still in the womb?  I guess, for us, it just always felt right to be able to call our babies something other than “it”, even before we knew the sex or had any names picked out.


5 thoughts on “5 weeks and introducing Bo

  1. I did with my first three pregnancies, but then I stopped. I was too afraid to show that kind of attachment. So sad. In fact, I didn’t talk about my last two pregnancies at all.

    So glad your symptoms aren’t bad yet… but there’s lots of time for that! 😉 And I’m really glad that being preggo again is helping heal the wounds of your previous loss. 🙂

  2. I’ve been away from the blogging world for some weeks and realize congratulations are in order! 🙂

    As to names, I think as catwoman says, this is deeply coloured by experiences of loss. With our son, we did give him a ‘nickname’ in utero, which actually stuck over time and turned out to be the name we gave him at birth too (though had he lived, he would almost certainly have been named something else). We named our second baby too, but by the third, which was such a short-lived pregnancy, we were too scared to acknowledge it as a baby, to express our hope for the future. If I ever get pregnant again, I don’t know when I’ll feel comfortable personifying the baby.

    I hope Bo grows and thrives and you have an uneventful, healthy pregnancy!

  3. Thanks ladies. I can totally understand what you are saying. I know that I’m feeling pretty guarded with this pregnancy after what happened last time. I can only imagine how hard it would be to let myself feel connected to a pregnancy after multiple losses. So very hard.

  4. Yea for being almost infection free!!! That has to feel like such a relief.

    We nicknamed all of our pregnancies in utero. With our first, the nickname was BORC, which stood for Oscar, Bella, Rose and Clark. We were carrying twins, so we had our primary and secondary names fused into an acronym. We never told anyone what the nickname meant, and Oscar and Bella were born too early (17w6d) for the nickname to really become used outside of my husband and me.

    With our second pregnancy, we nicknamed the baby Tittle right away (the dot above a lowercase i and j) similar to how you nicknamed yours Poppy. Then we found out there were twins, so the other one was named Dot. We wanted to keep Dot’s name a secret until birth, so when he was born, he officially became Gus to our friends and family.

    With our third pregnancy, we nicknamed it after we lost it. We had a chemical pregnancy just last month, so we now refer to that as Firefly.

    We already have names picked out for our next child, and we’ve shared them with friends/family already (Lucy and Ike), so when we get pregnant again, we’ll use a nickname until we know sex, then we’ll start using the real name.

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