17 dpo: the latest developments

So, the saga of my infections continues.  Dr. S called today to say that she got the results of my urine test and it shows signs of a UTI.  I’ve had many UTIs in the past and I certainly don’t have any of the usual symptoms.  But, symptoms or not, she wants to treat it, especially because I’m pregnant.

So, I’ll be heading off to the drugstore to pick up my antibiotic prescription shortly.  Luckily, the antibiotic that has always worked well for my UTIs in the past is one that is perfectly safe in the first trimester.  I kind of hate that I have to take all these drugs right now, but I know that leaving these infections untreated can be dangerous, so I know I need to do it.

Dr. S also asked how the yeast infection was feeling.  I guess it’s a bit better than it was (not a constant burn like a couple of days ago) but it’s definitely not gone and it’s still pretty itchy (yep, I know…gross.)  She said I should use one of the kits that you insert internally over a few days.  I guess I’ll pick some up, since I’ll be at the drugstore anyway.  Man, I’m a freakin’ mess down there.

In happier news, she got the results from my two beta HCG tests this week.  Wednesday (14 dpo) was 126.  Friday (16 dpo) was 299.  Dr. S says this is good and she’s happy with the numbers.  I had to do some reading after I got off the phone with her because I don’t have any experience with betas in the past.  From everything I’ve read, these numbers sound perfectly normal and the doubling time was 36 hours, which appears to be good.

The other good news is that the spotting has stopped.  For the past two days, I’ve had absolutely no spotting.  I can’t even put into words how relieved I am right now.  Off course, I’m still fanatically checking the toilet paper with every wipe and I’m sure I’ll continue to worry about this for a while.

Right after the call from Dr. S, we had to head down the street to our neighbours’ house for a birthday party.  Littleman’s little buddy turned 2 today.  The buddy’s mom, a friend of mine, is pregnant with twins and due right around the same time as our original due date.  Since the miscarriage, it’s always been a bit tough to see her growing belly.  It’s still tough, but knowing that I’m pregnant again made it a bit easier this time.

The birthday party was firetruck-themed and the kids had a great time.  Check out these adorable cookies they gave out:


Littleman and D are having a nap, so I think I’m going to kick up my feet, bust out a cookie and hit the couch with my ereader.  Hopefully, in a couple more days, my crazy body will fight off these infections and get down to the more important business of growing this baby!



2 thoughts on “17 dpo: the latest developments

  1. I had incessant UTIs when I was pregnant with my daughter, and they never had the same symptoms as the non-pregnant UTIs I used to get on a regular basis. Pregnancy does some weird shit to our bodies, that’s for sure!

    The Martha Stewart in me LOVES the cookies!!!

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