Status update: uncomfortable and nervous

Thanks so much to everyone for your kind words and for acknowledging my faint lines!

Things have been a little scary and stressful around here, pretty much since shortly after I posted about my BFP.  It’s been an eventful 48 hours, so this may be a long one.  Here’s what’s been going down…

I got a call back from Dr. P’s office.  He wants me to get a dating ultrasound around 6 weeks.  Other than that, he’ll see me in August.  I was kind of annoyed at first because that is SO far away!  I’ll be 12 weeks when I see him.  But, assuming all is fine during the dating ultrasound, I guess there’s no reason to see him sooner.

About half an hour after I spoke to Dr. P’s receptionist, I went to the ladies room and my heart sank.  Red spotting when I wiped.  Not a ton, but more than I’d had the week before.  It was the day before my period was due and it made me feel sick.  I texted D and told him that I was pretty sure it was over.

I put on a liner, just in case, and kept checking throughout the afternoon.  The colour of the spotting got darker (more of a burgundy/brown) but it was still there.

It’s likely that most of you aren’t terribly squeamish at this point, after all that you’ve been through yourselves, but if you are uncomfortable hearing about secretions or disorders that affect lady parts, you may want to click away now…

So, on top of the spotting, I was also feeling pretty uncomfortable “down there”.  Rewinding to the weekend, I’d had some light spotting and major stinging following intercourse (prior to getting my first BFP).  Since then, I’d had some dull burning when I wiped that seemed to progress throughout the day and into the evening on Tuesday.  I was also noticing some major – wait for it – bum itch.  Yep, gross and uncomfortable is all I can really say about it.  By Wednesday morning, wiping made me want to scream.  Sitting felt awful.  As did walking.  I knew something wasn’t right.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t a UTI.  I’ve had many of those and, while it hurt to pee this time, it was more of an external sting when the pee hit the outside, rather than that internal burn of a UTI.  I’ve also had the odd yeast infection in the past but this seemed a bit different too, with no obvious discharge that I could notice.  And more pain than I remember.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and called Dr. P’s office back yesterday morning.  Unfortunately, he was all booked up and on call so couldn’t see me this week.  They told me to call my family doctor.  Luckily my family doctor, Dr. S, was able to see me yesterday afternoon.  Thank God.

I hadn’t seen Dr. S since before my miscarriage.  The first thing she said to me when I walked into her office was, “so, a lot has happened since I last saw you!”   She had received the reports from Dr. P’s office but she still had me walk her through everything that happened.  She was very kind about it (in that matter-of-fact, miscarriages-happen-to-one-in-five sort of way) and I managed to keep from crying.  She was congratulatory about the current pregnancy and pulled out her little wheel to tell me my due date and how far along I am (like I really need someone to tell me!)

Then she had me hop up on the table for the exam.  Let me just say, there’s nothing like having someone ask you to roll onto your side so they can look in your bum.

She told me it’s a yeast infection and gave me a couple of things to take.  A one-time pill along with a topical cream.  The cream has already changed my life!  Seriously, I can actually sit now.  I’m still in pain and wiping is still a nightmare, but I’m hoping that will change.

She said that it’s possible that the spotting is due to the yeast infection but that we’ll keep an eye on it if it keeps happening.  By the end of day yesterday it had pretty much tapered off and so far I’ve just had some light pink-tinted mucus today.  Nothing major and no need for a liner.

After the exam, she took a urine sample and some blood.  She’s sending me for repeat bloodwork on Friday.

In the meantime, I’ve been using my plethora of internet HPTs every morning to see if the line is getting any darker.  I’ve decided those tests suck (mainly because I really want to see a super dark line!) but I know it’s still early (I’m only 15 dpo today).  The line is definitely a bit darker and shows up way faster than before, but it’s still a bit too light for my liking.

So, there we are.  I’m trying to stay positive and hoping that the spotting is just related to yeast infection and has nothing to do with the contents of my uterus.   I’m cautiously optimistic, as they say, but only time will tell.




7 thoughts on “Status update: uncomfortable and nervous

  1. I think it’s due to the infection too. Try to relax and not obsess (easier said than done I know). Fingers crossed you heal up soon and those lines get dark enough to make you smile. Wishing you sooo much luck!

  2. I’m pretty sure the bleeding is from the yeast infection as well. Your cervix is so touchy in pregnancy, it doesn’t take much to irritate it. And yeast is so common in pregnancy, don’t be surprised if it makes a return at some point. Ugh.

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