It’s CD 16 and I’m pretty sure I ovulated today.  As I whined earlier this week, I’ve cracked out all my supplies and am tracking my cycles on my Fertility Friend app.

I’ve decided that I strongly dislike OPKs.  I hate staring at them and watching the test line get darker, but not being totally sure if it’s actually as dark  as the control line or if it’s just kind of dark.  With all the technology available in our world, can’t someone invent a more clear test?

Anyway, yesterday I had two definitely positive OPKs.  I had decided to start testing twice a day so that I wouldn’t miss my surge.  I noticed when trying to conceive in the past that, during a couple of my cycles, the test line never got quite as dark as the control line.  I figured by testing twice a day, I would maximize my chances of catching my surge.  Seems to have worked!  Yesterday morning, the test line was as dark as the control line.  In the afternoon, the test line was even darker than the control line.  Woohoo, we have a surge!

I also had quite a bit of ewcm from CD 13-15, so I knew it was time to get down to business.

I don’t have high expectations of succeeding this month – and I still can’t really believe we’re back to this craziness of scheduling our “relations” – but it feels good to see that my body seems to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing.  At least that’s one step in the right direction.


3 thoughts on “O-Day?

  1. Woo hoooo! YAY for O! Best of luck to you…

    I’m a fan of the digital OPKs myself. I practically had to re-mortgage my house over years of using them, but at least there was never any doubt about my surge- smiley face=surge, no smiley=no surge.

    • Thanks!

      I’ve always looked at the digital OPKs and then talked myself out of it because of the cost. But it would be great to use something that doesn’t require the guesswork!

  2. I used digital OPKs for the first time this month out of the same frustration – just what the heck is that line, is it dark, could it be darker, WTF? I did appreciate the smiley face. I also agree that testing 2X/day is best plus the whole pee concentration thing is a struggle. Here is hoping that your relationship with the OPKS is short-lived.

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