Beach bellies

One thing I was unprepared for when we went to the beach was all the pregnant bellies I would see.  It was tough enough to see all the families with toddlers, knowing that we had left Littleman at home.  But it was the pregnant ladies that were really hard on me.

At one point, I tried to distract myself from my sadness by inventing a game.  It was kind of a mean game, but since I kept it to myself, I figured it was OK. The game was called “pregnant or just fat?” If someone had a noticeable belly, I would sneak a glance to check (and hope!) that maybe they’d just spent too much time at the buffet. Unfortunately for me, a lot of them turned out to be actually pregnant.

One night, as we sat at one of the bars enjoying some pre-dinner cocktails, it felt as though someone had organized a pregnancy parade.  One by one, cute little pregnant mommies in adorable sundresses marched passed us.  I had been doing really well at making the best of our situation and enjoying the time we were spending together, but seeing all these pregnant bellies was really hard.  And it seemed like every pregnant woman on the beach had a toddler with her, almost exactly Littleman’s age.  It was hard not to think “that should be me!”

I guess that was my preparation for the onslaught of pregnant bellies that have become visible now that the weather here is getting warmer.  No longer are the baby bumps hidden behind big, puffy winter coats.  All those tummies are on display and I’m bound to be faced with them wherever I go.  In fact, I just passed four of them on my way to buy a sandwich.  I guess it’s time to start bringing my lunch…


2 thoughts on “Beach bellies

  1. Ugh… I know! It’s brutal. I work in a hospital, and there’s nothing worse than getting off the elevator, and bumping into one of those hospital tours for those about to deliver. It’s worse than a slap in the face… more like a knockout punch!

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