My second pregnancy story

I started writing a couple of days after my D&C, as I sat at home trying to recover.  It was a way for me to help make sense of my feelings.  Life was a bit of a blur so I suppose it was, in a way, a sort of journal for me to keep track of what was happening to me.

Once I started writing, I realized how much I wished I had kept a journal about my pregnancy with Littleman.  I wished I had written down Littleman’s birth story.  And, I wished I had kept notes about what was going on throughout the first trimester of my second pregnancy.

Doing the best I could to remember the major details, I wrote about trying to conceive for the first time and my experiences being pregnant with our first child.  The birth story was a little easier to write because I’ve told the story so many times.  It feels good to have those stories written down.

Writing about my second pregnancy was harder.  Was I really 3 ½ months pregnant just a few short weeks ago?  This week, it seems, I can hardly believe that was true.

I managed to capture as much as I could about those first weeks of pregnancy, leading up to the discovery of my missed miscarriage, which is where my story on this blog begins.  The story of my second pregnancy is now posted here.


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