Group hug

Littleman has discovered a new favourite thing: group hugs.  We’ve always done a lot of hugging around our house.  I suppose there’s been even more of it in the past couple of weeks.  One day, D was holding Littleman and they came over to give me a hug together.  D said, “group hug!” and they gave me a big squeeze.

Ever since then, Littleman has been asking for group hugs.  He wraps his little arms tightly around each of our necks and hollers “group hug!” in his high-pitched voice.  It’s awesome.

This might sound a bit cheesy, but sometimes this community of blogs and forums I’ve found feels a bit like a group hug.  Even though we’re strangers and dealing with a multitude of difficult situations, it’s nice to get some online hugs from supportive people who understand what I’m going through.

Group hug!


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