Kick me while I’m down

So, as expected, the happy effects of my massage have worn off and I’m left achy and stiff (and a little bit grumpy).

I’ve never been one to take a lot of baths. I’ve always been more of a shower person. But when I’m feeling sick, sad, cold or overly tired, sometimes all I want is to soak in a nice, hot bubble bath. I’m feeling all of those things right now but, of course, my post-op instructions tell me no baths, intercourse or tampons for two weeks.

On top of that, I’m breaking out. I’ve never had amazing skin, but I found a skin-care regimen that worked well for me when I wasn’t pregnant. My doctor had warned me that my skin would likely get worse when pregnant, but I was lucky enough to have better skin with pregnancy.

So now, I’m not pregnant, I can’t have a bath, I have bad skin AND I have to wear pads.



9 thoughts on “Kick me while I’m down

  1. I’m so sorry. Is there a runner up for a bath that makes you feel almost as good…maybe a pint of ice cream while sitting on the couch in comfy jammies?

  2. Thanks, Brianna. I can’t believe how whiny I sound. You’re absolutely right. I’m sure I can find something else (perhaps I’ll try a heating pad, some Easter chocolate and good book!) to help me feel better.

  3. The whole things just sucks, and the bad skin is just too much. Too much! I also had great skin while pregnant – in fact pregnancy cured me of my horrible skin regimen that was likely a major cause of the problem – but still have blah blah skin. Anyway, this comment isn’t about my skin, but just comeriserating (sp?) with the suckiness that is your life right now. Hugs.

    • Thanks for comiserating. The final blow came this morning as I was drying my hair. My favourite pregnancy “symptom” was that my hair stopped shedding. I could brush it and dry it without finding piles hair in the corners of the room. Today, out it came. Boo.

  4. I always had perfect pregnancy skin as well. In fact, I used to use my skin as an indicator of whether or not a pregnancy was viable. If I started to break out while pregnant, I knew I was doomed. Lol… a little stupid, and not very scientific, but hey- I was never wrong. The whole thing just sucks… you’re not whiny, but if you want to be, go right ahead! I think most of our lives would make a good country tune. HUGS…

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