What comes next?

Sitting in the examination room waiting for Dr. P was excruciating. The last time I was there – only two weeks before – we heard the heartbeat for the first time. I remember the nervousness of lying on the table while he tried to find the heartbeat that day when I was 12 weeks pregnant. He took a minute or so and then there it was loud and clear and fast! I was filled with relief and joy. Today, it was the total opposite.

Dr. P came in to talk to me about my options. Since there wasn’t any sign of a miscarriage starting naturally, he said I could take a pill to induce it or I could have a D&C. Given how far along my pregnancy was, his recommendation was the D&C. The pill could work, he said, but there was also a chance that it wouldn’t clear everything out and that I would still need a D&C later. All this information is a bit overwhelming when you’ve just received the biggest shock of your lift, but I knew that I just needed this to be over and that I couldn’t handle waiting it out. We decided to go ahead and plan for a D&C the next day.


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