The procedure

I guess my only experience with surgery is from watching TV, which turns out not to be very realistic.  I wasn’t rolled into the OR on a gurney, but I strolled in myself and had to hop up onto the bed in the middle of the room.  This is where I started to panic a bit.  The room was massive and cold.  There were lots of people milling around – all with masks so I couldn’t really see their faces.  My arm was hooked up to the IV.  Dr. P asked me some questions.  Then it was time.  A nurse put an oxygen mask on my face and then told me that I’d go to sleep soon.  I felt claustrophobic and felt like there was no way I could ever go to sleep in that state.  Then I felt some pain in my hand from the IV fluid.

The next thing I remember was waking up with some man talking to me in another room.  He said that everything was done and that he’d monitor me for a bit longer and then I could see D.  It felt weird.  I was almost mad at the man for waking me up… like all I wanted to do was sleep and forget.

Shortly after, I was wheeled back into the room where we had waited for the surgery.  D came to see me and I was finally allowed to drink some water.  I felt like I hadn’t had anything to drink in days.  There wasn’t any pain but I could feel some bleeding.  The nurse made me get up to check the bleeding and then gave me some Pitocin by IV to help contract my uterus before I was allowed to leave.  A couple of hours after the surgery, we were sent home.


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