D (&C) Day

We arrived at the hospital for the D&C.  I was told to go to the day surgery area and that I would be on the “wait and see” list, meaning I would sit there all day until there was either a cancellation or someone else’s surgery finished early and there was a space for me.  I was terrified.  I’ve always been a squeamish person.  I hate hospitals.  I used to faint every time I had blood taken (although I’ve vastly improved in this department since getting pregnant and giving birth the first time!)  I have an aversion to veins so IVs gross me out.  I’ve never had general anesthetic before.  All of this, plus my current emotional state, seemed like a recipe for disaster.  Amazingly, I held myself together pretty well.

I was called into the pre-op area pretty quickly after we arrived at the hospital.  I changed into a gown and my IV was put in.  Then the nurse called in D and told him he could wait with me.  It was another few hours before Dr. P came and told us it was time.


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